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For more than 70 years we are continously improving our product techonology

Black Horse-FAS doo has a rich history of constant improvements and innovations since it’s very beginning. Our battery factory has been present on the market of lead starter batteries since 1952. The Company grew from a small workshop for mounting and repairing of 6V and 12V lead batteries.

Thanks to know-how and experience of the Company’s experts, introducing the most modern equipment of world’s leading producers, the company has reached the highest quality levels of new modern generation of batteries based on calcium technology fulfilling high requirements of the European norm EN 50342.

Production is done with a team of qualified experts using the latest equipment and technologies, making it highly competitive on international and local markets.

Our Factory Today

Basis of the company’s philosophy is the systematic professional training of qualified personnel (Six Sigma)

Our total plant capacity is currently at 500,000 batteries. Modernization of production and development of new technologies is ensured by continuous investments. More then 135 employees are currently employed in the factory, and this number is growing.

ISO 9001:2015 got by renowned expert firm Quality Austria proves that produced batteries are of high, controlled quality and fulfil the required standard.

As one of the leading European batteries’ producers, Black Horse-FAS is present in many European countries: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Albania as well as the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East.

Our History
Since 1952

Our battery factory has been present on the market of lead starter batteries since 1952.

Our History

The year of 1974 became a turning point for the factory, as it got the spoecific production license, back then, one of the key manufactures of lead starter batteries.

Our History

The factory was modernized in 2004 when the production of new generation of batteries, based on calcium technology, was introduced.

Our History

The new era of modernization and investments came in 2020, when battery factory in Sombor was bought by an Slovak investor.

Future Developement

Development, modernisation and capacity extension are imperative in the future period for our factory.

Our main goal is the development of new products like semi traction batteries – maintenance free batteries for solar installations, for yachts and boats, golf cars, traffic and signal systems, elevators. The development of EFB i AGM batteries for start-stop vehicles will come on the market this year. Further more we are planing on expanding our immediate outreach to new markets. We are also working on the extension of our factory capacity of 7.000 units/day.

The company is aiming to sustain its growth rate in the next period, continuing to invest, to diversify domains of business and to adapt new technologies.

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