Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • Privacy of personal data
  • Information we share with third parties
  • What are cookies and how are they used on our websites?
  • International users
  • Security when paying
  • Safety statement


This privacy policy serves to explain to you what data we collect about you and how we use that data, as well as to provide you with any other relevant information about your data.


Privacy of personal data

Customer data, which is provided during registration on the site, is kept as confidential as possible. They are available only to the sales department, they are used exclusively for orders.

We apply state-of-the-art organizational, personnel and technical data protection measures against unauthorized access, which includes, but is not limited to: access to personal data with a password, limited access to sensitive data, encrypted transfer of sensitive data sent by users by filling out application forms, ordering, etc.

In order to successfully process your order, we need your first and last name, address, e-mail and telephone number. With the help of this data, we will be able to confirm the purchase order, inform you about its current status and deliver the desired goods.

We collect only necessary, basic data about customers/users and data necessary for business and user information in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service, therefore using our services implies the user’s consent to send him e-mail and SMS notifications.

Every registered customer has the right to change their registered data at any time, in case some of the delivery data (address, phone number, etc.) changes in the meantime. We give customers choices including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be removed from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns.

The sales staff guarantees the confidentiality of the data and undertakes not to disclose it to third parties under any circumstances. We aim to provide you with the highest quality service without sacrificing any of your privacy standards.


Information We Share with Third Parties

We may disclose the information you provide to us (including, without limitation, your personal information) to any member of our organization, including a courier service that needs to provide your information in order to deliver a package.

Please be aware that we may use third parties to assist us with our e-commerce operations, such as our website, email and social media pages.

Some examples of assistance that may be provided by third party service providers are: order fulfillment (including, without limitation, payment processing, providing fraud prevention services and address verification); your actions in response to our emails and the effectiveness of our advertising; providing support; conducting research, administering and maintaining information on employment applications; and administering and sending notifications via mobile device; promotions, sweepstakes or contests.

The personal data you provide to us may be shared, as necessary, with relevant third parties to perform functions on our behalf. We never sell or rent your email address to third parties.


What are cookies and how are they used on our websites?

Our website and email use, and our third party service providers may use, a browser feature known as a cookie, which assigns a unique identifier to your computer. Cookies are usually stored on your computer’s hard drive or mobile device.

You can find out more about cookies on the Cookie Policy page.


International users

If you are visiting our website from a location outside of Serbia, please note that this is a website registered in Serbia. This privacy policy governs information collected by or on behalf of our websites, regardless of where you are when you access, browse, integrate with, and make purchases through it (including those sent to addresses outside Serbia).

If for any reason you access a website from which you are not located, please contact Customer Service to view the policies and terms specific to your jurisdiction.


Security when paying

When paying by card via the Internet, the card data is entered on the Bank’s protected page, and the transfer via the Internet is in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL Protocol. Payment card information is not available to our system at any time.


Safety statement

The company limits the number of employees who have access to the database containing personal data, and employees are aware of the importance of confidentiality. Additionally, it is our policy to never send your payment card number via email.