Truck Batteries

Made for the extremes: advanced, reliable and powerful batterie solutions

HD Heavy Duty Starter batteries are your ideal solution for extremely hard conditions. Specifically created for commercial vehicles, produced on hybrid Sb/Ca technology.

All our products are designed to deliver quality and performance that can withstand the – sometimes extreme – external influences that heavy-duty trucks, tractors and utility vehicles are exposed to on a daily basis.

All of our batteries share the same high level regarding quality, reliability and resilience.

Black Horse Batteries have a stable position at domestic and international markets as they:

  • will never let you down (MF)
  • have a great price performance ratio
  • are created to last

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Black Horse Standard

  • Best price performance ratio
  • Improved vibration resistance
  • High resistance of the grid to corrosion

Range: from 110 to 235Ah

Black Horse Standard batteries are the flagship of our production. As a lead starter battery of the new generation it is suitable for agricultural, commercial and freight vehicles.

Catalog - standard series

Tesla Premium Energy

  • Highest starting capabilities in all climate conditions
  • Ultimate power output for highest demands
  • Full frame design
  • Sb/Ca AND Ca/Ca technology

Range: from 110 to 225Ah

Our Battery solution for the most exceptional power needs. Tesla Premium offers supreme starting power that will meet the toughest energy demands without compromise. It is intended for modern vehicles, equipped with a high number of electric devices.

For all of us, the battery has to start the vehicle’s engine in all weather conditions, to provide energy for all electric consumers in the vehicle, to last as long as possible (preferably as the vehicle) and not require any maintenance.

A computer-designed continuously, full frame grid casting, provides the mechanical strength of the thin carrier, which is reflected in the battery’s great resistance to vibrations during exploitation. Casting technology provides such a grid structure that demonstrates exceptional corrosion resistance when exploited in conditions of elevated temperature.

Refined lead is used to produce lead oxide, one of the components of the battery paste applied to the grid. The factory has the most modern pasting machine in the world, which gives excellent performance of the ready-made battery.

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