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Heavy Duty Starter

HD Heavy Duty Starter batteries, ideal for extremely hard conditions. Specifically created for commercial vehicles, produced using hybrid Sb/Ca technology.

All our products are designed to deliver quality and performance that can withstand the – sometimes extreme – external influences that heavy-duty trucks, tractors and utility vehicles are exposed to on a daily basis.

Car Batteries

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Always first choice for those who prefer quality, reliability, durability and availability. Thanks to these characteristics Black Horse has a strong position at domestic and international markets. It is produced using Ca/Ca technology ranging from 36 Ah to 105 Ah.

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Black Horse-FAS doo has a rich history of constant improvements and innovations since it’s very beginning in 1952. Modernization of production and development of new technologies is ensured by continuous investments.

Today the total plant capacity is 500,000 batteries per year.

The basis of the company’s philosophy are systematic professional training of qualified personnel. 135 employees are currently employed in the factory, and this number is growing.

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We are used to supply businesses and partners all over the world.

For all of us, the battery has to start the vehicle’s engine in all weather conditions, to provide energy for all electric consumers in the vehicle, to last as long as possible (preferably as the vehicle) and not require any maintenance.

The battery is an electrochemical energy source that releases electricity in a controlled way. All types of batteries contain positive and negative plates that are ionized into the electrolyte inside the box.

All our batteries are lead-acid, which means that positive and negative plates are made of lead compounds found in electrolytes from diluted sulphuric acid. Lead-acid batteries fall into a group of secondary batteries, which means they can be recharged after discharge. Primary batteries can only be discharged once, after which they must be thrown away; an example of these batteries are batteries for handheld lamps and radios.

What’s the battery made of?

A grid made of lead alloy gives mechanical firmness to the active material. Active material is made from a mixture of lead oxide and lead sulfate, which turns into lead dioxide on a positive plate when initially charging. Negative active material also contains small amounts of additives that give the battery good discharge performance at low temperatures.

Electrolyte is diluted sulphuric acid. It serves as a conductor for electric ions between a positive and negative plate when the battery is charging or emptying.

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