Black Horse-FAS doo has a rich history of constant improvements and innovations since it’s very beginning.
Our battery factory has been present on the market of lead starter batteries since 1952. The Company grew from a small workshop for mounting and repairing of 6V and 12V lead batteries.

The year of 1974 became a turning point for factory, as it got the production license from Globe Union, back then, one of the key manufactures of lead starter batteries.

It boosted technology improvement, by implementing new standard of production and bringing new equipment.
The factory was modernized in 2004 when the production of new generation of batteries, based on calcium technology, was introduced. We introduce hybrid and Ca/Ca technology, that was warmly welcomed by the market. Our Black Horse brand became famous and recognizable among customers across the globe, thanks to its technical features.

The new era of modernization and investments came in 2017, when battery factory in Sombor was bought by Switzerland investment found – BATAGON INTERNATIONAL AG.

The new modern technological, quality and production standards was implemented.

Today Black Horse FAS- doo with its new product range of batteries can satisfy even the most demanding customers.